Free world maps

The website (henceforth also Website) is offering a choice of graphically redesigned digital map pictures (images). This "graphically redesigned" is meaning, that there has been a source map of the world (ancestor - input) with free using possibilities and we have graphically modified it, to get the differently looking new maps of the world (derivatives - descendants) for our galleries.


The opportunities on the Website

By offering a collection of different variations of world map images in one place, a visitor has a better view and choice to find a world map, which is more suitable for his/her special needs.
The galleries of the Website are containing world map images, which are good for downloads, printing or for other using of digital maps.
Moreover, the visitor can use these world maps freely (see about the license below) to make from them new derivatives, which can satisfy his/her needs, if he/she don't find an appropriate world map from here.
And hopefully by making new derivatives, the visitor can find from our galleries ideas for these new map images.


License of using the world maps

The world maps on the Website can be used royalty free for any purposes, with the link to the Address In cases of making derivatives, there is possible to use the maps also without a such link.



The Galleries of free world maps

The derivative free world maps are divided into separate groups (separate tables on different web pages of the Website).
Each row in the table of a derivative world maps gallery has a short description of the unique descendant map. For example, by seeing a map image, it can be hard to understand, is the background transparent or white and such descriptions help to find it out quickly. There is also in each row a small picture. This small image in the table row is the link to the page of the Website, from where you can easy download or print a map of the world, which is suitable for your purposes.

The groups of the images on the Website Free world maps, are as follows:
* Gallery of Small dimension political world maps
* Gallery of Physical world maps
* Gallery of Printable blank world maps