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Terms of use of the website

You are free to use the website (henceforth Website), as long as you agree with the following terms and conditions. If you don't agree with any of these terms, then don't use the Website.
This page includes General terms of the Website, License of using the world map images, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

1. General terms of the Website

1.1. The administrator and copyright holder of the Website is Any Outline LTD (henceforth Company) registered in England and Wales (in UK).
1.2. By using the Website you agree, that the Website is updated and administered following the law in England and Wales.
1.3. People who are located in any country are free to use the Website as long as they agree, that
1) the requirements for the Website must not be something else, than requires the law in England and Wales;
2) any possible dispute with the Company will be solved according to law in England and Wales.

2. License of using the world maps

The license shortly

* The derivative world maps can be used royalty free for any legal purposes, if
1) by using on websites, there will be added a clickable visible link to the domain name;
2) by using for other purposes, there should be the visible domain name on the map.
* If there have been made enough changes to the map (see below the license in more detail), then linking to the domain name is not necessary.
* Please visit the source map sites, to be more sure of using licenses of the source world maps.

The license in more detail

2.1. The descendant pictures (derivatives) are royalty free to use for any legal purposes (including creating new derivatives and commercial using), under following few conditions.
2.2. The conditions by downloading.
2.2.1. The case of copying without changing a map. The world map images can be used in unchanged form freely for websites, if there will be added to the website a clickable and visible link to the domain name
2.2.2. The case of creating a new derivative of the map. The link (see article 2.2.1) is not necessary, if the image will be modified enough before using it on some website (see below article 2.4).
2.3. The conditions by printing and other using not mentioned before.
2.3.1. The case of printing and other non-website using without changing a map: The world map can be printed freely, if the visible domain name will be on the printed page or on the map.
2.3.2. The case of creating a new derivative of the map: The visible domain name (see article 2.3.1) is not necessary, if the image will be modified enough (see article 2.4) before printing it or before using it in some other way.
2.4. The "modified enough" is meaning, that at least all the areas of continents-countries on the map are replaced with some other colors, textures or shades of colors.
2.5. The using licence of all the maps on the Website "Free world maps" (derivative maps and also source maps) are also connected with the rights of the software (which makes the source maps) or with the rights of the ready made source maps. Although, it was understandable, by getting the source maps, that they are for free using, please visit also the links to the source maps websites to be more sure yourself, that the maps are free to use for your special needs!

3. Privacy policy

The Website uses Google Analytics and Google AdSense to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on the Website and to finance the expenses of the Website. This information helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our Website. When you visit our Website, the pages that you look at, a short text file called a cookie, is downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. We use this information for traffic analysis only. The cookie does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/ refuse cookies, and/ or notify you before they are placed. The Website may contain some tool, which by using it may collect IP address, visiting time or browser information, which is needed for that tool functionality and we will use such information for that tool only. We do not sell, give, or trade statistics or any other information, that we store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. Please look for Google Analytics and Google AdSense for their privacy policy and for their use of cookies and collecting information.

4. Disclaimer

Although the Company is doing its best to offer updated accurate world map images and Website, the Company takes no responsibility, if there are inaccurate or outdated map images or other digital information on the Website. The Company is not responsible, how and for what purposes the visitors of this Website will use or are using the images, which they got from this Website or how they understand the licenses of source images, which were used creating the images got from this Website.